CRYSTAL QUEST Eagle Redox Alloy
                 Fluid Treatment Process Medium




Eagle Redox Alloy is a patented product and a major advancement in water treatment technology that works on the basic process known as REDOX (oxidation/reduction) principles, representing a new and unique way of water processing medium which by its natural process of electrochemical oxidation/reduction and adsorption action reduces and/or removes many unwanted contaminants from water.

Eagle Redox Alloy medium is a versatile, specially formulated high purity, bimetal material. This product operates as a multifunctional medium which has superior capabilities of de-chlorination of drinking water and reduces dissolved heavy metals in water supplies.

Eagle Redox alloys  are Antimicrobials. (An antimicrobial is a substance that kills or inhibits the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, algae and mold or protozoans). Eagle Redox 6500 and 9500 alloys antimicrobial properties never deteriorate or deplete.

Patented Eagle Redox Alloy media consists of a high purity copper-zinc formulation. These substances exchange electrons or bond with chlorine and other metals contained in the water to create harmless substances.

Eagle Redox Alloy is completely safe and meets EPA and FDA standards for levels of zinc and copper in potable water, so the process is not toxic and does not cause any adverse side effects.